Check out this Pinterest page for a log of all the books I’ve read on autism. There are a few I wouldn’t recommend… especially some of the ones I read earlier in my post-diagnostic journey. But most of them are very good. 

My favourites (as of Jan 2019) include:

  • Authoring Autism, Melanie Yergeau – indescribably good   [academic/autie-ethnography]
  • A mismatch of salience, Damian Milton  [academic]
  • Theory of Mind and the triad of perspective on autism, Olga Bogdashina [academic, textbook, narrative]
  • Odd Girl Out, Laura James  [autiebio]
  • The Real Experts, Michelle Sutton (eds) [compilation of blog posts, advocacy]
  • A Field guide to Earthlings, Ian Ford
  • La Difference Invisible, Juie Dachez [French comicbook]
  • Shy, Nerdy and Socially Inappropriate, Cynthia Kim (runs the Musings of an Aspie blog) [autiebio, some academics]
  • Aspergirls, Rudy Simone [narrative, self-help]
  • Somebody Somewhere, Donna Williams [autiebio] – quite outdated now, and contains some troubling representation of autism – but still so worth reading, it is a deserved classic (along with the others in the series)