Processing emotions post diagnosis (part 2)

PROCESSING AN AUTISM DIAGNOSIS: A road map for overcoming negative thoughts/emotions and focusing on the positive / Negative thoughts & emotions / 1 - Stigma of autism in society 2 - The reality of many negatives associated with autism 3 - Worry about negative perceptions from others. Possible negative reactions to disclosure. 4 - Sadness at … Continue reading Processing emotions post diagnosis (part 2)

Processing emotions post diagnosis (part 1)

An autism diagnosis (as well as the often ongoing process of disclosing and witnessing other people’s reactions) can play on your mind and heart in innumerable ways, giving rise to a whole host of often mixed and confusing thoughts and emotions. One of the biggest things I struggled with post diagnosis was trying to make … Continue reading Processing emotions post diagnosis (part 1)

Seeking a professional autism diagnosis

There are many different paths to arriving at a professional autism diagnosis. Some people are already convinced of their autistic identity, and seeking a diagnosis is simply to validate and confirm what they pretty much already know about themselves. Others may go into the process much more uncertain, on the fence and perhaps confused by … Continue reading Seeking a professional autism diagnosis